Finalist in Short Story Competition

This is bananas! One of my short stories, “Time to Flagstaff,” was just named one of the 16 finalists in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Short Story Writing Competition. Out of nearly 800 entries! The winner and runners-up will be announced April 20th, but I gotta tell you, I already feel like a winner. I never imagined I’d make it this far. I can’t wait to get my next round of feedback on this story, which is one of my personal favorites.

Thanks to New York Times bestselling author Tod Goldberg for the title–a play on Glenn Campbell’s “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” (and I suspect/hope/have to believe, Elmore Leonard’s “Three-Ten to Yuma”). By the way, Tod Goldberg‘s short story collection The Low Desert is home to one of my favorite short stories, “The Royal Californian,” which was just selected for inclusion in The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2022.


Congratulations to all the finalists!