New Essay in The Rumpus: “Doors”

My essay on feminine rage, “Doors,” was published in The Rumpus‘s “Enough” column today.

This essay was one I didn’t think I could write. It came about quite by accident, through the encouragement of friends.

My friend Amy Reardon is a generous writer and friend who is always sending me little calls for submissions that she thinks would be a good fit for me. As my friend Jackie DesForges would say, “Bless.”

Amy sent me a link to a call for submissions for “Enough” and suggested I write something about rage. But I didn’t think I had any. Rage? What rage? Then I started thinking about things that make me angry. I began to write them down, and the floodgates opened, as they say.

I have a lot of anger, after all, but like every good girl, I keep it under lock and key. As my friend Anna Reagan would say … well, honestly, I can never predict what Anna will say–she’s the most delightfully unpredictable woman I know.

I’m excited to have something in The Rumpus, a magazine I’ve followed for many years. It’s surreal to be a part of it. Thanks, too, to Deanne Stillman and Paulla Rich Estes for reading this essay and giving me, as always, the best notes.

beautiful door handle on old wooden door