New Short Story in Kelp Journal: “The Jetty”

My short story “The Jetty” was published in Kelp Journal‘s summer 2021 issue today!

This is my first short story publication, and Kelp Journal is a dream journal, so this means a great deal to me. The story is a loosely linked story from my novel-in-linked-stories, which is nearly finished and which I hope to query to agents in 2022.

I owe big thanks to Tod Goldberg, who gave me notes and encouraged me to go ahead and get this story out there, even though it’s not exactly his cup of tea. 🙂 Thanks to Kelp Journal editor David M. Olsen, managing editor A.E. Santana, fiction editor Leslie Gonzalez, and copyeditor extraordinaire Chih Wang. Thanks, too, to my friends who gave me such great notes on this one: Ioannis Argiris, Jackie DesForges, Matt Ellis, and Laurie Rockenbeck.

Rocky jetty and thunderstorm on the horizon at sunset.