I’m a Certified Book Coach!

Seven years ago I made the ridiculous decision to go back to school full-time while continuing to work full-time. “It’s just two years,” I told myself. “You can power through anything for just two years.” Only during those first two years, I became motivated. Professors encouraged me. Literature inspired me. […]

Top 10 in Prose Writing Competition

My manuscript advanced to the Top 10! (Launch Pad 6th Annual Prose Writing Competition Top 10.) It may not be very professional, but I’ll admit: I cried when I read the news. I am super excited. (Yes, Launch Pad, I was the one refreshing your website every thirty minutes all […]

Top 50 in Prose Writing Competition

I did it! I uploaded my completed manuscript to the Launch Pad’s 6th Annual Prose Writing Competition on Friday, October 28th, at 11:59 p.m. I am not kidding. And today I got the news that my manuscript advanced to the Top 50! (6th Annual Launch Pad Prose Writing Competition Top […]

Top 100 in Prose Writing Competition

I’m still working on my debut fiction manuscript, a collection of linked stories set in California. But way back in May, I entered it in Launch Pad’s 6th Annual Prose Writing Competition. I was enticed by these lines in the rules: “Manuscript not completed, no problem. … There’s no need […]

Rocky jetty and thunderstorm on the horizon at sunset.

“The Jetty” Nominated for Best of the Net

I got the news last night: My short story “The Jetty” has been nominated by the editors of Kelp Journal for The Best of the Net! From the website: “The Best of the Net is an awards-based anthology designed to grant a platform to a diverse and growing collection of writers and […]